Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stomach virus

Yesterday I was up at 3am sick. Luckily as the day went on I was able to keep some water and sprite down. Today I'm fine, and have been living off of soda crackers and sprite. Since the majority of my day yesterday was laying down, sleeping, and throwing up, today I feel completely drained and sore from head to toe. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be mostly recovered!

But enough about me, and lets talk about some birds! I have 16 babies weaned off into the young bird loft! About half of them have already picked out perches, but the others still prefer laying on the straw in the floor.

I have 8 birds hatched out in the OB loft as well. All but one of those hatched on the same day! Talk about some great syncing. I have a few other pairs still on eggs.

All of the old birds have gotten the hang of trapping and no longer try to go back to the other loft. The traps in the OB loft have thicker bobs, which makes them a little wary at first. They're old, and we still have a few lighter bobs left, so hopefully we'll get some new ones made. Even if we only have enough for one set, it's better than nothing.

Last sunday we had our combine awards banquet at the Pier 601 seafood restaurant. There were only 3 other fliers outside our club that showed up. That is pathetic. Truly pathetic. We still had a nice time, even though the weather was icky.

Our club's banquet is this weekend. Really looking foward to it. It may end up snowing some of us out, but hopefully we'll all be able to attend.

That's about it for now. I have a bunch of pictures on my camera, which I will upload later.

Monday, January 4, 2010

4 more babies, another cold day

Another day just a couple degrees above freezing. Yesterday I had 3 mason jars bust on me. The 4th one blew out today, and found one of my plastic bottoms to a drinker had cracked as well. And so begins the horrible days of coldness! I try to only fill them up half or less, but somehow, some still manage to bust while the others don't. But luckily I got a present of 4 new plastic drinker sets from TSC today, so all is well for a while. Still doesn't make hauling jugs of hot water back and forth any more easy :P

I discovered 2 babies under Popeye today. Yesterday I was a bit worried because it seemed like forever since they first laid (I'm slack on recording egg laying dates), but when I went to candle one, I saw a baby peeking out of the egg. Luckily both hatched out just fine. Last year Popeye had a hard time getting any babies out of the nest, but now that he's a second year parent, he should do (and has done so far) much better :D

Also found two babies under 8113 and Mr. Wyoming. 8113 is one proud mother. As long as you're in sight, she'll fuss at you, but if you get to close, you'll get the bark AND the bite. I guess since she's a little hurt bird, she decided to make up for it in a big personality. She was hurt as a squeaker, probably got smashed in the nest from a fight or something, so one wing drags the floor. I keep the flights on that wing clipped so it's not such a hassel for her. Despite the wing problem, she gets around pretty good. Since she wouldn't be able to race, or even get around outside safely, I decided to adopt her from Renee.

I let the old birds out yesterday and saturday. Both times resulting in birds attached to the pine tree, and 3 birds spending the night outside on or neat the young bird loft. I can't wait until we finally get some help down here to cut down that tree. It's been causing problems for me basically every year. But since the new young bird loft is right there facing it, it's caused MUCH more problem. I don't think I've ever wanted to scream at a tree so bad, haha.
One bird in particular that just will not go in the OB loft, can't seem to detach himself from his old nest box in the YB loft. There's only 4 little ones above the door in there, already occupied by droppers and fantails. The ones in the OB loft are so much better, don't see why he's so attached to the crappy ones. He hasn't gotten a mate and his own new nest box yet, so that's the majority of the problem. I know I have quite a few hens without mates, so hopefully they'll give in soon so this can stop. There's plenty of nest boxes in the loft right now, but of course everyone wants the top ones. Why can't they all get along! :P

The gazebo loft is almost done. We had a very late start on it, compared to when I thought we'd originally start. It's looking really good so far. Should be just perfect for my fantails and a few doves. Soon I'll have 3 pairs of Mindians as well. I'm really excited about that :D

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lots of babies

I now have 10 babies banded. TRC 1-10. I have 8 more babies to band within the next few days. We're off to a great start! :) Everyone appears to be healty and growing nicely.

This year I have 13 pairs of breeders. I have two pair of Stichelbauts and another single one chilling in the young bird loft, along with Vrai, who is now also single. I plan on keeping Vrai for sure, but the others I don't know yet. I haven't gotten a chance to test them yet. I'll be breeding them later as they aren't my biggest concern right now.

I'm still on my Christmas break, and already bored to tears. I need to update my website and the club's website - I'll get on that...later. I don't feel like doing anything, haha. Thankfully I go back to school Tuesday, but about two weeks afterwards will be exams (BLAH).

Back to pigeons, my pairing this year are:
1. "Bent Keel" AU 05 CMPC 5525. BB Cockbird. Clydesdale.
1st @ 200, 200, 400
2nd @ 200, 100, 200, 500
3rd @ 150
4th @ 150, 300, 200
5th @ 100, 400, 150

"Old Lady" AU 01 CMPC 1110. BB Hen. Clydesdale.
1st @ 150, 500, 300, 400, 500
2nd @ 200, 100, 400, 100
3rd @ 150, 100, 150
4th @ 400, 150, 500

2. "Johnny Cash" IF 07 HPC 70030. BC Cockbird. Tom Cashatt.
Dam 1st @ 200, 400, 500 and 2nd @ 150, 200 - all combine results.

"Sue" IF 05 HPC 5486. BC Hen. Ghesquire.
1st @ 200, 150
2nd @ 150, 200, 150, 500, 200, 200, 250
3rd @ 200
4th @ 200
6th @ 400, 500

3. IF 07 DRP 7158. BC Cockbird. Bekaert.
Brother to 4th @ 470. Half-brother to IF 08 TRC 31 - 3rd @ 150 in our club.

"Lucky 13" IF 06 TRC 13. BB Hen. Bud Sprinkle.

4. "Achilles" AU 09 SKY 0635. RC Cockbird. Paul Sion.
From Sky Lake Sions Loft. Sire - "Wenatchee Wonder". Dam - "Miss Rosie". Both parents 1st @ 550 - both only day birds.

"Scion" AU 08 OSHABEN 1017. RC Hen. Fenoyer Sion.

5. "Mr. Zeidler" AU 06 CMPC 7020. Blue Grizzle cockbird. Frank Zeidler.

"Mrs. Zeidler" IF 01 HPC 069. Blue Grizzle cockbird. Frank Zeidler.

6. AU 03 TULSA 223. BB Cockbird. Staf Van Reet.
Half brother to 3K. Sire - Havenith/Gordon cross. Dam - GD of "The End" and "Liv"

IF 06 TRC 626. Blue Grizzle Hen. Warren Werbeck.
Dam of NPA 08 BW 387 - 1st @ 150 in our club.

7. "3K" AU 05 TULSA 5202. BB Cockbird. Staf Van Reet.
Half brother to TULA 223. Sire - GS of Matthew Peck's "500 Hen", McLaughlin's "604", "Good News" and "Leyton Express". Dam - GD of "The End" and "Liv". Bred my first win - IF 08 TRC 40 - at 100 miles.

"Miss 5042" IF 05 MRPC 5042. BB Hen. Jan Aarden/Van Wonroy.
Sister to IF Champion "Skydancer" IF 2002 MRPC 2413. Bred my first win - IF 08 TRC 40 - at 100 miles.

8. "Popeye" AU 08 PASO 259. BB Cockbird. Van Elsacker/Santens.

IF 05 TENN 137. BB Piebald Hen. Havenith.

9. "Melonhead" IF 07 FOYS 7684. Blue Grizzle Cockbird. Patrick Motley.

IF 08 TRC 676. RC Hen. Stichelbaut.

10. IF 07 DRP 7128. DC Splash Cockbird. Bekaert.

"Mystique" No band. Indigo Check Hen. The last of my original homers. Approx. 6 years old.

11. "Mr. Wyoming" AU 07 SCHE 5858. BC Cockbird. Montauban/Janssen.

IF 08 DRP 8113. BCWF Hen. Jan Aarden.

12. "Big Red" No band. RC Cockbird.

"Anastasia" AU 05 GPC 756. BC Hen.

13. IF 07 ACC 1415. RC Cockbird.

"Katlen" AU 06 DRO 810. BB Hen. Janssen/Wonder Miller.
Dam - Full sister to 15th 2005 Vegas Crap Shoot.