Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stomach virus

Yesterday I was up at 3am sick. Luckily as the day went on I was able to keep some water and sprite down. Today I'm fine, and have been living off of soda crackers and sprite. Since the majority of my day yesterday was laying down, sleeping, and throwing up, today I feel completely drained and sore from head to toe. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be mostly recovered!

But enough about me, and lets talk about some birds! I have 16 babies weaned off into the young bird loft! About half of them have already picked out perches, but the others still prefer laying on the straw in the floor.

I have 8 birds hatched out in the OB loft as well. All but one of those hatched on the same day! Talk about some great syncing. I have a few other pairs still on eggs.

All of the old birds have gotten the hang of trapping and no longer try to go back to the other loft. The traps in the OB loft have thicker bobs, which makes them a little wary at first. They're old, and we still have a few lighter bobs left, so hopefully we'll get some new ones made. Even if we only have enough for one set, it's better than nothing.

Last sunday we had our combine awards banquet at the Pier 601 seafood restaurant. There were only 3 other fliers outside our club that showed up. That is pathetic. Truly pathetic. We still had a nice time, even though the weather was icky.

Our club's banquet is this weekend. Really looking foward to it. It may end up snowing some of us out, but hopefully we'll all be able to attend.

That's about it for now. I have a bunch of pictures on my camera, which I will upload later.

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